Solid and worth a whip around perhaps – for that ultimate adornment of spurned and paired both painted magnificence. What if, perhaps.. their movement counted for damn nea.. BEST everything.. … to turn the utmost translatable words into utter “rubbished” folklore and time again?

Call it.. tell it… scream it ALL as though every waking hour bled SWEET Pristine – this IS Christine’s sweet REPEATED pristine number one addiction.

To steal the words from a million unsuspecting people’s unsuspecting dereliction$.. repeat repeat … re-PATRONISE amidst these inescapable priorities of hers… …

As though their trial-of-error counts for damn NEAR EVERYTHING

To grit her teeth and unequivocally witness the feat: of this beautiful universe cuss itself silly, as though an unspeakable mountain peak of metaphorical insinuation…

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