A violent kind of kindly silence

Lost his mind on the carriageway of inescapable dreams – held his long-lost fore-father’s pulsating hand a fair while back, no less intensified

By the following fright – a hardy, hearty man-child, mild-mannered and quick to the silkened touch only far, far quicker to the hurt

These pedestrian-faced people who carry with them their inescapable dreams, too – no less intensified by the following light

Knows what he needs to kneel and do exactly, appears to be that the art is in the artefact
Soon as all spineless hell let’s itself lethargically loose and a rip-torn noose curdles and frays ceaselessly, creates itself til wrap-around endlessly

From seemingly so everything contrived from eagle-eyed contrary, misshapen mishap – these are the Mississippi prayers pressed at silver-tongued pace and a poet knows how to go… And he still will hold his trapped, tapped-out, neatly strung, yellow well-wisher’s violin

To cater for abrupt and this awfully awry sin, all of it – each piece – flowing decidedly toward a waterfall crescendo of swan-songed concoction steadied by contagious conviction

Epic and invisible yet no less viable by shocking ability to feel what we see
Steeped stormy-weather twists to embark upon itself midst realms of mysterious dreams which never admit to themselves to sleeping

Only to creatively whispering
Within a fallen man’s strained imagination

And a dishevelled man’s navy-to-blue intricately laced suit appears to have ironed itself til fantastically fabricated just so very enticing

Adds extra beneficial effect, to respect himself no less intensified by the calling-card bloodied knife sidled deceptively right by… His gifted right hand, occupied now and forever pleasured by

The crying Marlboro Light which reawakens his taste for a life best-left-forgotten whilst at the same time reshuffling his reconfigured eyes

Is that, perhaps, a smile that we see – doubtlessly
Puppeteer-ed to death – endlessly

He plays for all of We, decrepit and left to untangle our very last breath

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