Just how many geniuses are there on out there
This thing can all come down to bare luck, so it seems
Watched it all, the man who draws art that cannot but mystify – coloured for all intents and purposes
The middle-aged woman – a way with architecture second seemingly only to the Leaning Tower of Pisa
A keen eye out for rent all over the world
Frighteningly absurd, not to mention an entirely grounding procedure
Never, ever did one ‘writer’ feel so very little
It. Needs. To. Be. Visual. And. I. Just. Cannot. Do. That.
Bad luck on my part, maybe… perhaps!?
Then there is the real deal, the geniuses who can steal your every attention right away in so little albeit mesmerising as a heartbeat
Seems you will pay, what’s more make them a hallowed part of your live-long day
They draw it, whilst I can, and will, only ever get to so much as try and say it

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