What we think is they doggedly dIgged themselves deep outta a whole other utter ReVerBerAtioN. It’s been

A criminal kinda a thing indeed, wherein the whiteR their lies the much more — deceitful were their secretively hidden WhYs(!)

It’s completely possible that they weren’t even here any more than we are right now(.) It’s the way in which they located themselves – At the end of others tethers

Dislocated individuals in a mostly… “antagonised and LimB-cRaWlInG… inSTANCE.” There are so many people with things on their minds trying to look-to-find— “another thought to tRouBle the last. Actually, if we r-e-a-l-l-y did wanna

Get in on the good/GreAt side of ourselves then maybe we do delve —- deeply hidden.” And if they really did understand the JuxTapOsInG levels of iNnAtE comprehension then let’s

All of us —->> eagerly AntiCiPate their reeeeeeeeAch ——- ->>for the other side of … … undeniABLE DELICACy. Even if: it is d-e-l-e-c-t-a-b-l-e.. what they didn’t choose to say.