He will need to concentrate because this is his one last chance in a lifetime
– The Ultimate Test –
To shine, to remember everything and anything that he can and will regards way back when
Remain remarkably still
He has trained himself to the endless and dried-out bone of this immaculate instrument which sits beautifully, rather astutely, not forgetting altogether devotedly before him
Replicating age-old Grand Masters time and again, his fair and constant juvenile mind always managing to find a surefire way to trim the incredibly distasteful outer layer – where winners can turn all sorts of sour right here before us all
He needs to settle this sophomore mind and to begin to breathe
When it all depends entirely upon a wing and a grand piano prayer
The adolescent player with these tremendously trained fingers to make all of your wishes come true in all of a seriously fixated and lingering instance
Permitting himself ten such chances to dance

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