They dug in ways that not many can actually achieve / it’s an utter arching of archive and it’s been.. playing with its own hearts and string. We are

Unmentionable people maybe because we didn’t ask to’ve been borderline taken to unenviable task. “There’s a bottom of the borderline and we all seem intent in making it thru- to you, actually.” We

Are throwing all of the words at this one world(?) and asking it to BiTeBack and at purely paraDICED pace(!)

They did not have any more developmental events to come across any MORE.. than we and yoU do(!) We n-e-e-d to giddy ourselves UP time again, to

“((endlessly)) Envelop ourselves in aforementioned Developmental events. It’s not even fair2say that they’ve been cRuMbliNg to CrAwl at the knee-sockets… that we have earned their trUesT of trUSt—->>

multiPLIED by. A. billioN cockeyed STEEPles