Love – He takes the pen and attempts to fend – miraculously amidst all of the peripheral noise which speaks in equally loud and compressive tongues… syllables, whichever really

As matrimonially matched against his very own professionally whipsmart tongue for unsuspecting everlasting torture… and for the ludicrous levels of unmatched pain which have been draining him dry
And to the raw core of a still significantly salutary being

Either way forth-forward remarkably, fanatically prioritised – and ghostly guided by the healthy might of a shy albeit fictionally colossal mind over (mad-hatter) matter



In kaleidoscopic action again and, boom-time too many, no-one shall ever get to feel this hard-boiled imbalance which has been heavily, none-too-heavenly, placated upon his Jekyll & Hyde demeanour all courtesy of

The brain-locking, churning chaos which goes a little bit like this: unfashionably, enthusiastically mixed amidst inordinate levels of jaded, tried-and-tested levels of unceremoniously untapped potential… … for the lonely one soul

If only, if only, they could intricately convene and attempt to twist their shape-shifting opinions in the correct direction and finally, brazenly get themselves to completely, fair comfortably comprehending the high-wired hope turned treacherously toward utter crushing irrationality when placed detrimentally upon a crazily fixated brain (locking territory)

Here he will attempt at stricken will… … he won’t he though?

Masterfully proceed in draining the pain away someday so soon… … in draining the lesser-life from his shit-out-of-luck system

And blissfully proceed at blistering pace face-first enthused and pushed resiliently towards a point of marvellous mediocrity…

The sort only ever wholly bestowed upon the chosen few who knew

Something since the bare-naked beginning

Soon as we started twisting our fingers and twiddling our thumbs

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