Problematically swarmed
Disarmed albeit subconsciously bombarded by all of these oft than not uncontrollable white-lies which summarise til prime-evil inundated

Seems she’s been bleeding outright and cold-sober vilified by all kinds of unkindly petrified

The noose has been removed from its loop-holed disguise, cut comfortably loose
And she means to make an unmitigated difference meandering within, indeed she needs this to breathe easy above anything else

Thrilled to still be here : by the bare-knuckle fight of her creatively lit lifestyle
Mild by none too many a gesticulated reckoning – we are sitting softly, besieged gainfully within, and carefully twisting and twiddling our ambidextrous thumbs
Wishing upon an angelic existence indeed

Roll the dice, make this her most tapes-tried and trialled, unforgettably error-stricken life, p-l-e-a-s-e

For she has sugar-coated it all and simply dreamed of this – each to their very over-enthused own, yet she is prone to catching contagious fire and realigning her malnourished and miserly misshapen mind

Kind and plied by outrageous degrees of mysterious wildfire

She stands on the edge of a higher reasoning – soon as her bones of her bare-naked being pledged deep devoted allegiance and reckoned upon everything and all by themselves