The bargaining of the bestialising breeze took her with him, by all unknown accords to whichever came first

The chicken nor these rip-worn eggs
They have what appears to be a monstrous job to do and it needs doing right this minute – appears to be that neither of them can take it for much longer

Linger and simply see something miraculously hatched from altogether nothing – a pair of two brilliant people
Sullen and worn-out and undeniably crying
He holds her emptied hand whilst grabbing at another arm

Free for them to ultimately fetch aside fair easily see

And finally, their screaming demons begin to whistle as best they shan’t care to do and they get to hearing themselves beg, borrow and roar near these vicious winds which decide to lend themselves to penultimately unwinding – rewinding by way of unnatural default

Sands of kindly time and whatnot electrified – downright gentrified if you will spill your preparatory pill

Been meaning to manoeuvre til making miraculous sense again – pen pitted unlawfully against plagiarised parchment paper and their wound-up words create unaltered diction – contrary and robust – midst inordinate levels of full-blown dereliction and gainfully grappled by the break of the reawakening a.m.

A thing of seismic fiction til it all makes roundabout sense just this one time on mindful Earth

A mindless ordeal means to mean something of itself when least of which it is heavenly suspected

She regrets what came before her and him and will steer this ship onwards and upwards no less genial by way of ethereal creation – sees something whilst the rest of us have been nocturnally sleeping

Been warily creeping, dreaming of bringing herself back from the hidden brink – it is outlandish what she can actually have
If only she hadn’t have been so very unfairly predisposed to this whole living, seething vitriol thing with wheels on

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