Stirred echoes and loaded ghosts
Loading… one two ten

He’s got his foot upon the angst-arisen penalty and these people are persisting at perishing

Unlucky roadrunners remember when
Agony proceeds the wedding-ringed remembrance

Thirteen upside-down imbeciles gnawing at their Nationally lampooned feet

Catch a monkey spank his first foresight back into red-ribboned place

Let us prey-pretend again

Rathmines divulgence over-invested within this needy mature nature of his

She/he sees sight right before the beckoning of the grand-mannered fall – a blind man’s reckoning stands substandard, club-foot set loose and she sees it, she feels it wherever he tends to breathe straight and rather reckless

And a meandering, sacrosanct Neanderthal individual switches his brain all of the way off… finally

The over-embellishment of The Bland Brand New Century set sail…
Snail-pace will do, please, and thank you kindly

Specifically, especially…
Let This. Be.
Let it mean absolutely everything and anything pressed gently, softly, oh so very motherfucking sordidly against

The farthest reaches of their bare-naked resilience

Is this it, is this to be the bare-knuckled brilliance with which they’ve been wistfully whispering about all of this time… says it so very damning and rather riotously

Til it had to languish aside insurmountably, unaccountably announce itself yet again

A hidden travesty which swims thanklessly beneath the murky banks of the blurred Dublin hemisphere

His silhouette eyes appear to be his brand bland new age-old stinging ear-piece – a feat, a feast to be reckoned and problematically beckoned upon

Rightly, righteously, goddamn forever unsightly… therein shall invitingly lie a haphazard Art at the far-fetched Heart of her favourite nightmarish dreams…

Inescapable and she speaks courtesy of her last great captor’s silenced afterthought / this Stockholm syndrome is killing her mind time and time

Seems to be that her vicious screams are scrambled and strangled marvellously within his most successful whisperings

These strangers with fiction for fingers – and this appears to be The Piano-handed procedure

Riverrock House, where even the mice stand erect and shit-scared of themselves