A searingly sharp sort of an undeniable beauty – something ethereal and purported ridiculously toward – otherworldly announcing herself as it is.
Simply pristine, an undoubted honesty to be bargained upon time again, once more unabridged we go to the fore and we tear ourselves away to prep ourselves for the otherside of anointed procedure – her listlessly inexpressive list begins right here
To love what she does is to finally feel like… an ineffective person within the breaching reaches of these kaleidoscopic people, who endlessly, vivaciously, get to somehow surrounding themselves around her / right by her adolescent eye for creative foresight
All good things on the road, once more, purported heavily toward – the hardest things in the whole smiling world
She is evil at being decidedly, deceptively, real. Wound-up aside righteously perched for one hellish more time – delightfully dilapidated sight for sore eyes and at an abrupt age where she can begin to take it all in…
Is her mindset really sitting at the birth of the New Earth!? With a key near her ear for juvenile disapproval this is the preparation phase, phrase… say it gently, pl-ease
Her reimbursed, tantalised and feather-brushed forefinger lends itself agonisingly toward… the point where the whispering thumbnail meets the serenely set soliloquy at the forbidden in-between