Depending on the other persuasion of “pErFeCt&pecuLIARpeckingOrder Of Person” really does seem to have

Guided their dutiFULLY disguised state of anticipatedAwarene$$(!!) “When it’s not even been a mEsS at all but FAR MUCH rather—

This sizeable Onslaught Of really ought to have been— searinglyAwarePeople.” They appear to have been blue eyedABOVE
else. And Seriously taking the SERENENESS of time to… think(??!) about

How long their BEST+breath will n-e-e-d to remain: MasterFULLYintACT actuALLY . Even though we were not doing this artistic evening+time+thing for the sake of anyONE else,

We do indeed seem to have —-)) suitABLY €merg€d and set something in resolute and truthfulStone. “Prone? Yes. Perhaps these paraphrased, pissBUCKET, outOfOurOwnLuckPersons
Of p-i-e-r-c-i-n-g-l-y oblivioUS intellect(?)

Absolutely and frightfully motherf*cking so.”
You will ALL need to know:: how on eARTh to draw—
Your next wArBLinG oF aforeSAID BEST=bReAth.

Just one, and please do treat it as if…
Utterly worth its WEIGHT/“wait!!” In carefree inTELLigence. Because, suffice it to say, ThereFORE.. the (ageOf..)suffering has not been

A wasted, WATEREDdown Affair+of+EGODystonic+Delay. “We’ve been.. borrowing the Brains+of+Beauty to eventually make UP
the truthful difference within.” Even if: it (all) feels…

—— a LITTLEbigBIT breathtakingly ******-UP sometImES. Can they REALLY notS€€ it yet, though?! “That the hardHEADED nature of our greatest demise
Had disgustingly dIsFiGuReD AND despised –
Our favourite desIREs.”

And that we’ve been SINGLEMINDEDLY attempting to bReAtHe(b-r-e-a-t-h-l-e-s-s-l-y again!!) and with our ((very-own)) bAttLeBacK bRaInS fastened and

fast-tracked to AnotherTime/an OTHER place:: of paraPHRASEDInSANITY. Yet what they did will

“NEVER get to be forgotten.” As their penny for-YOUR-most-cherished-thoughts pen defies the logic of UTTERLY illogical despair. Pending…. onslaught ofREPETITIVErepair. In that pedantic+as hell+way that

ABSAFUCKINGLUTELY EVERYTHING NEEDED TO MAKE justifiably jUxTaPoSeD SENS£ of itSELF . We do not delve, we MERELY die: times a million dIsOrdErlY trains of deranged AND R-A-G-I-N-G ThouGhT