I know I shouldn’t have done it but it was too damn interesting, exciting to write a poem of shame about a certain someone
Gone by the wayside now, when everyone and their daughter asked me to take it down
I’ll keep it of course, nothing wrong with looking at it from time to time, gutting because I got a few too many compliments, mainly because the truth rang true
He annoys every single person out there with his slew of words
Absurd for me to do that but it felt just right, one night while I was out having a drink seeing his bloated face made me think, this might just be a good night to do some research as I stumbled home and came upon him near the church
I probably shouldn’t write this one either but I have no other info. so I’m afraid on I must go
Go with a completely different kind of flow, I dunno, let’s call him Joe for safety’s sake
For Christ sake, was it really that bad, I actually thought people might have been glad to see the truth unfold
Told by a makeshift poet with only honesty running the core
Anyhow, if any of my readers are ever interested in getting their own back feel free to give me a call and I’ll think it through some more before diving in at the deep end, turning my own words into something of a slew