A silent sensation and then.. a godawful rumble and ruckus of utterly emotional intelligence, neither of it right or wrong, or REAL OR Anything at all

Just.. spittings and gatherings and spittings again

Of tongue tied re-release – this is a pandemic of man and lady and the parade has been All Of It

A damn fine and dastardly handsome learning CuRVE technique: even if, and WHEN(?) all we DO do

Is talk in utter circles IN SEARCH OF HABITUAL CHAOS again and… … oftentimes about

The exact same StAtE of the exact same things; of what appears to endlessly BOTH KEENLY have been… eating us (LIKE GILBERT GRAPE)

What have those, Them… THEre air headed people really done, and did again, before they Nearly (never) became…

An emblem, a livid seething little picture-perfect element of ThemSELvES times-ten!!

Shooting themselves in the face at a blessedly putrid and perfectly PURILE pace –

Yes. these bullets are awfully well loaded and his beautiful face is about to Feel Its ShApE.

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