You’re arching your broken back and watching it all attempt to make rebellious sense of itself someTIMES – tenuously both beautifully broken all on its own. Bare/faced and to a perfectly abstract point of under-announced ANARCHY, perhaps.

This unpardonably pardonable place seems to have.. singlehandedly shaken itself (SOLELY!) to the core of its resurfacing soul: but should it not ACTually riotously (ALL OF IT!!) remain this PECULIAR way?! Though, all the peripheral PeopLe appear wide/eyed, lazily ElectRified by the MiGhT –

Of their StarryEyed hindsight(hilarity, actually!)

And as these affable Agit-ated artists sit with their twisted words AND wITs comfortably about to collide and CrEate

So much good goddamn Made-UP fictional wherewithal..

Which WILL carefully both FATEFULLY wait..

For its inner messages to make
Magnificent and prefabricated Sense

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