Coffee-House caffeine, sweet succinct opines, and all of this outpouring caught gloriously amidst, a sellotaped sanctioning of “Ole New Orleans”

The trans-generational and translucent – truculent, even – mini-atrophied lean between

A borrowing bicycle – now, how’s about that for cyclical bouts of tick-tocking reinvention penetrating the measured surface again? With no pressure anymore but for the pressure to simply adhere…

A wind-sweeping trapeze of comforting kinds of chaos and her ulterior design somehow manages to find
One such beat-back way roundabout the inner-inside – beneath the everlasting rolls of ambidextrous hills
Till left back above-beyond the seeking thrills

Of a thirty-something, Neanderthal lady, as quickening at being undeniably vivacious as though t’were still the very same day that she were born to only yesterday
The 1st of June-bug July

In reverse control procedure – proposes to suppose another truth-telling route back to fact and the fondness both for and of molten whiskey forgiveness

Did we mention the killer-weed in the sinned beginning… at the kissed twist at the crack of the crystalline glass?

Creeps on in upon, this is Maria with her makeshift earrings on – riotously real and mightily mixed-up within a magnificent kind of orna-mental embodiment

And some will say that she has gained her day, all awhile the other adolescently expressive girls will hold hope hostage for a whole lot more of this bountifully beneficial thing

An alarming case of cradled events – caressed silently, safely, succinctly amidst
The prolonging swan-dive of her startled and curdled, irrepressibly suggestive clotted cream

With choosing wings gathered to gain…

And it sits generously aside, aided immediately right by
The bellowing screams of the narrow-minded Coffee-House caffeine

Which will still forever treasure and play
At its very own vehemently estranged, yet beneficially prearranged, colourfully explosive violin strings

Till tapped ‘n’ trapped fair silenced within
The maniacal mind of many an unmade up person – thirty thirsty souls with creativity pardoning itself till outright lividly living

Is this really the forgiveness in which the swim of the whiskey wishes for!? Immediately… neatly