Overexposed and outright interested in this iconoclastic and super-normal thing – he keeps his rambling mind electrified by these overbearing instances of unassembled and argumentative bliss . Kept credibly secretive and, softly-at-first… suggested, to only ever himself …

Deus ex machina – when a man of madly over-invested intellect shall break with stereotypical tradition and, all awhile, tie these brand new bridges til brought beautifully back together, again.

Just watch him soar… eagerly witness his rapier wits travail and abruptly pore — upon that of a clap-happy canvas !

A pause-for-fraught-thought place where-in, blood sweat and tears dutifully meets right-near the middle, and valiantly attempts to capture and cure

This state of far-reaching fear… with-in that of an imaginative swimming pool filled with courageous colour: this thing, inside of him – lividly living and metaphorically satisfied to get to call itself creative contemplation — meets artistic sedation meets with an enthusiastic sense of resolute recognizance ..

Henceforth, we will get to witness the momentary resumption of these both guaranteeing and fleeting levels of verbose and over-emotive comprehension, which never quite sit still for themselves anymore ..

Quarreling like crazy ’til rather determinedly amalgamated from someplace both entirely brand new … and beautifully reciprocated, for now?

It is few who truly knew of the unrivaled error of his multifarious ways, a peculiar way in which to pay … for the price of a glamorous and oft overlooked masterpiece .

Perhaps the lapse in commonplace concentration is exactly where-in the light enters for him. A concordant colluding of distorted derision which dances simultaneously between –

Artist and tasteless co-Creator . Ugly at first, albeit… ultimately magnificent ..
And just like a magnetic wave, it waits… for only the brave !

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