It’s paramilitary, it’s penultimate… … and it’s certainly this… particular way for ten reasons.

1/ there’s a hot heated sun which skids to a halt inside her mind. 2/ few WHO(??!) knew that she had this inner ability to see clearly – everything(!!)

3/ she’s been taken to the stAGE of mental antagonisation only to’ve come back to better than THAT actually. 4/ we adore her for her STOOPENDOUS sense of kindness and SHUTTERSPEEDstrength. 5/ was she really

Meant to make all of these disassembled tHinGs matter – the MOST – for TEN whole reasons whilst single-handedly staying regularly ALIVE, 6/ even if it’s… fairly plEASE-ing to’ve seen a billion ways to see the exact same thing… .

7/ when her attempt at entering INTO heaven – it hEaVes inside of most people’s dogmatic minds – isn’t even all that big a deal anymore… to Her

8/ did we mention her adulation for having been utterly adaptable to each and every last tAsK(?) amidst everlasting sedation … – ~}

9/ why CAN’T we sit and read and see and feel precisely capABLE OF asking.. “how, with time, she’s been handling All of It??”

10/ she surely fought LIKE WILDFIRE for this makeshift z-e-n. To inevitably perturb her upset soul ~ ~
As She grabs that makeshift pen

Inside of her best mind .