A man born to be extraordinary
A man who has no real airs and graces about him
A man who needs good company
A man who tries to imagine himself in only the best situations
A man who will do anything for his friends
A man who likes to dress and look relatively handsome
A man who feels forgotten
A man who loves a lukewarm coffee and likes to share a mangy cigarette with a pretty lady in the a.m.
A man who thinks when he drinks
A man who is incredibly smart and untouchable in terms of success
A man who is kidding himself
A man who is humble and reliable
A man who looks to find the perfect companion
A man who likes to fold his clothes in the night-time to be prepared
A man who knows what to do
A man who works for his every worth
A man where all of the above has been left only to his vivid imagination owing to a mental disorder for the most part of his life
A man who barely knows himself yet
A man who can’t turn back the clock and go again
If only
A man who cannot deal with the bitterness
A man who feels detached from the moment
A man who cannot persuade people that said mental illness was not a part of him
A man who is saddened by other people’s opportunity to gain a smile
A man who knows that he was built for far better than this
A man with the personality of a host and a stage fit for an amateur actor placed in front of him
A man who never, ever wants to believe in the saying ‘everything happens for a reason’
A man who needs to begin to make a difference
A man who believes everyone has a story to tell
A man who is forced to steal their stories
A man who’s own story is average at best
Above all else, a man who cannot deal with the bitterness
A man who blames no-one, nit even himself

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