Such as indeed did his muscle of MuSiCaL mind Manage to bandage itself necessarily back together again- to officially proceed with t/his sense of upside-down and depressive maniacal… bliss?!

In an inner moment of mercy and self-sanctimonious self-forgiveness he will, and shall. And should and MUST.. m-u-s-t-e-r his wonderful mind ’til brought bountifiably back together(yet again: say when?!)…

All of the beauty which surrounds his oft-than-not bedridden soul tended to nakedly caress an otherwise dislocated Brain
“Shaaaaaame!!!!” He will scream it at the shape of a barefaced mirror sometimes… … …

But his mind is fine, FINER-than-fine IN-FACT: matter of BAREFACED fact, that there WILL come a brand NEW AND IMPROVISED century where-IN,

his artistic treasure shall ALL OF IT be— DEEP BREATH HERE, PLEASE… brought beneficially back to Life

(even if inside, someone suffered it to digest and suggest, his very own LIFE was barely progressive by the end.)

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