The time it took to decipher and design was, still is, unequivocal and rather rhapsodically ReAl; for these eyes may well have been to SEE

Every little next meander of NuAnCeD ThiNg- a thinly veiled masterpiece will not, We Repeat.. WILL-NOT

Attempt to dive-right-in and IMMEDIATELY DIVULGE in its own sense of effervescently expressive entitlement because—

Plainly speaking, it AND they PEAKED w-a-a-a-y back before… anyone else EVEN e-n-v-i-o-u-s-l-y tried to aforeMENTIONED UNIQUELY d-e-c-i-p-h-e-r(!!) themselves—

From the rest: for he has LIVED his Life (at-LARGE) amidst being PASSIONATELY put UPon the cReSt oF A mOsT mAgNiFiCenTLy EXPRESSive WaVe(!!)

Only that.. everybody SEEMS to have EVENTually waved him away — and far before it ALL MANAGED TO MIRACULOUSLY MAKE…

mere-EAGER sense: She leans and smokes a lopsided cigarette as though — NO real THREAT to ANY SUCH sense
Of mundane society again.

Exactly as she wished for it to be; for this has been her canvas and she (really) should NOT Have Been… The caged Creator(..) speaks