A spearhead in history … that scintillated vacancy and outright cantankerous velocity of conscientious calculation, notwithstanding this opportunistic ambivalence indeed …

And a claustrophobically correct brain shall involuntarily wreak a case of anointed miscalculation AGAIN..

Far-reaching for fun – when the standalone fat-of-the-hand and its ambidextrously led mound of mesmerised multiplication can oft-than-not take the ‘right’ path of demonstrative destruction, till nestles itself fair judgementally toward uttermost apprehensive assumption!

Yes, indeed are these mere-eager and spontaneously mislaid mathematical equations altogether fair roughly-cut: To cater is to carry is to care

Diamanté-like and deliciously defective at first… … …

Trust: In the mere-eager and terrifically downtrodden swoop … of a gathered gaining this trying time … … which appears to have been mysteriously wrap-right-round-about intensified till it gets itself to intrinsically rear-guarding this provisional professionalism aside unshakable creation…

To be born with this beautiful brain is to flux is to drain
Is to follow a dilapidated heartbeat
Which will forever ferociously sway

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