A penny for your every thought and we were broke before they ever really knew it
My concerned mind no longer able to gate-crash your every down-trodden party
You sit with your sophomore sticks peeled all kinds of ways ’til Sunday finally took the time to rather barbarically shine upon us again
Nonetheless, I have been left impressed that you fail to let it bombard these other people’s pristine wishes for more
You cry while their smiles shine a million ways on up – when this sun captures a little piece of their everything right by the bespoke and utterly promiscuous salutation rays
Interrupting no-one’s rather preciously instigated game
We all wane from time to time and, as it turns out to be, that is actually quite okay
Or so they do spread their all too enticing hands and try and say
May I ask, have they in fact been waiting?
For our particular fate to wipe out a thousand debts this time

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