Happy to wait in the wings
Wait some more
‘Til the crusty old fart would cough, stumble
Fall upon the floor
Then she would proceed to take his pulse
No need for a doctor
No nurse
This is what she was waiting for
His millions of dollars to land
In her bank account
In taking her away from the daily detriment of being married to a millionaire
It just didn’t work
It wasn’t fair
She was twenty-three
He ninety-two
When they were together it was nothing other than
A slew of harsh words
As soon as he kicked the bucket
She was off to France
Where she’d use her looks to get herself a nice man
Who she will tell everyone that she met “by chance”
He can do what he likes with his time
She’ll pay their way
Because all she ever wanted was a man in her bed
With a strikingly handsome head
Someone with sublime conversation
Yes indeed
That would be the perfect ending
A sensation
When she raised her head she saw the old man
He opened his mouth
He had poor hearing so had to shout
She dropped her pretty face
In her hands
She’d have to go back to living in fear