They were developing something other than.. the whole snide truth actually, were even when(?) it all made mediocre andYETagain… tellingSense. Of themselves(none too much..)

Out of t-o-u-c-h, and definitely out/of/FrIghT and sightFILLED and -fuelled overindulgence: “with mildness of WiLdfiRe in their greatest-of-eyes:: why(?) can they not…

Anticipate DamnNear everything again.” It’s been hella lukewarm this aforesaid developmental thing, of troublesome and tryHARD behaving’s.. and we do wish to sing ((it))

As if- tied to a triggerHAPPY heARTString. Time to “go!” Now, and with our testing-time on theirSide, indeed.

“Do we r-e-a-l-l-y all of us feed by the SameBearOfCrEatIoN(??)” Maybe?! Although, they will have to need… ahem… NOT-kNOw(..)

Just how farEXACTLY: the mother ******* cookie did cRuMbLe… . “To a braveness of sTuMbLe.”