A master-pedigree called coined and caught concentration – moments that both anger and clash – endlessly..

And intricately heaped within steeped instances of insistent hesitancy
And suddenly soon.. a miraculous reverberation of quintessential hierarchy shall gently re/introduce itself yet again

To the re/invested wealth of undeniably these curious people
Those who will spend an age-old century sitting fondly before them all – poised to repeat the art-laden habits of a sophisticated lifetime

Herein therein lies a theatre of dramatic dreams, indeed, and about to be full/to/filled with thrilled earpieces.

Dutifully dislocated and demanded to listen..

Ever-ready and pressed gently against
These meandering statuettes of acted-out angst and classically trained intelligence –

Yes, this is the re-crafted version of globe-trotting actors, those who swore since the eager-faced beginning..
to act for themselves and nobody else.

To have taken a variation of toured routes all over the land, and to have courageously quenched their universal thirst-
To the max and with minimum of finance ((only all of the fuss))

Both masterfully and memorably wishing to iconoclastically persuade..
All manner of audience of international eyes to joyously widen… is to collectively collaborate and collide –

For their tears to crescendo and cry.
Yes! The stage has been nervously set..
Only the pain need not outweigh the process again

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