She took her time and considered THIS sense of secondary association, so as to meticulously-both-suitably dissociate her artistic endeavor from hindsight hilarity yet again: As an over-emotive person of arguable and undeniably high-wired mechanisms sits immediately RIGHT HERE… …

And OFFHANDEDLY s-e-a-r-c-h-e-s for a mind-PRISM as supposed to -prison, perhaps? This t-u-m-u-l-t of tenacious t-i-m-e… … As all angle of a-d-v-a-n-c-i-n-g and wreck-tangular EYE suddenly becomes intricately interwoven until.. … they’ve been selflessly i-n-t-e-r-m-i-n-g-l-e-d at precious-both-precautionary pace!!

Blessed, psychological, well-wisher’s face: Is she about to lean in and taste t-h-i-s feeling for far-reaching E-Q-U-I-L-I-B-R-I-U-M?!

Shared between a p-a-n-i-c of people… .

Or were we only ever sadly dreaming?

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