Pushed into all of the damnDASTARD corners they caMEback so very stronger and beatnik-Intelligently that we

Shall not Pass- “GO!!” Without knowing—- j-u-s-t how long the length of the stressed s-t——r-e—t-c——h of their imaginativeLandscape HAD-been… bENDing these (de-)Regularised Ol’Rules To fOOl the TrUtH(… … ..) intoBelievingIN=n-o-t-h-i-n-g anymore(… … .)

TheDifficultly OfNavigatingThe… SceneTo—BEImpossible(!) Even if… it’s all been Terrifically TwIstEd=>>UP(!) in

Fictitiously circumspectBli$$.. to afford that state of particularAwareness w(I)ll take a disgusting level of safelyPreparedPreci$ion, indeed. We aren’t exactly HERE-there-&anyWhEr€anyMORE, although—-

And they didn’t even need us to kNOw.. a single thing ofSufferingIntelligenceAgain.