Ribbon-blue vespa with a hue of darkened to set the men from the boys
Toy with every single French girl’s hipster-esque emotion
This spectacular ocean forever and a Mediterranean day at play – a yacht or ten to one rather materialistic side – whitened all of the way through
Then there is him – multi-purposed, sitting ably atop a far more transportive potion altogether
Riding goggles at hand – red in colour (here we do seem to have the almost-makings of the French flag!!)
Cigarette irrevocably, poetically poised, stripping his chapped lips entirely
So equipped it can in fact manage to transform these soon-to-be women from skinny denim-jean wearers into tight-fitting pencil skirt eyebrow-raisers – emblazoned by Gucci, Prada et al
Emblem extraordinaire
Watch them fall for their ‘mid-morning rider’ in all of a handsome instance
Do it, go so far as to say “Qui!”
And take your every last chance