It’s probably a thin line drawn between a masterpiece and a piece of crap. I mean, to create a one off masterpiece in this day of internet and Instagram, it will basically need to go so fukn far outside the bounds of perception, albeit awhile also able to be perfectly perceived, so as to create such a thing. I think the word appeals to an artist as much as anything. “Remember that time you created a masterpiece?” Fk yeah they will! Even if they will have forgotten it pretty much immediately. It’s like the greatest fkn word on the planet and they all want a piece of it. Hell, I want a piece of it. There’s most definitely millions and millions and millions of masterpieces out there, either already created, mid-creation, or on their last lap and waiting to see it if crashes and bursts into flames or crosses the finish line. Now, that right there is EXACTLY what intrigues me and keeps me awake at night. But why the fk are people contesting and why is there a wedge down the middle between everything: right, wrong; good, bad; exciting, dull; best, worst. This is right where I really do hate words or at least just how habitually used they have become. Like a robot says it. Words are necessary too, though. Without them, we’d be……. why I go so deep also drives me nuts. Like a pretentious fkwit with no real point whatever. Fk… that is precisely what I am 😮 So, yeah, that’ll have to change immediately quick

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