A city simpers – secluded and silently reawakening its each of every very own people and at a pace of precise and precious industry . Amid these mildly both wildly re-constructed buildings built from borrowed blood, sweat and tears – only to tear it all down one panic-stricken window per time .
A nocturnal and mechanical overindulgence of downright dutiful hierarchy aside ill-founded calculation ..
And deeper yet, within the belly of the brilliant beast, a group of grossly intelligent albeit ultimately needle-pricked people of pill-popping persuasion sit

Heroine addicts addicted to the love of just one pearl – namely $alted and boiled and to a pure and paralyzing point..
Of otherworldly pandemonium and peril, perhaps .

We. Have. To. Ask. But is this really the life that they lived for ? Out loud and ludicrously loquacious

Amidst a multitudinous situation of necessary incandescence and reprieve – still uncomfortable, still nervous, and st-ill …
Believing in beautiful .

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