You drown your cigarette in lukewarm coffee, my favourite kind
Seems this latte does tend to know best
Before prying rather jaded eyes wider than anything we may have ever seen
The quietest morning in decades is trying, to subtly blaspheme your damn near everything
So you know, it will continue right on through, from the a.m. to the unsightly p.m.
These pretty little ladies never quite get to be enough, do we though?
While I slumber sweetly inside of your rented accommodation a little further on over – this simply manicured face, a high-school ‘princess’ dropout finally getting to feel a real degree of unanimous distaste – naked from tip-to-toe and crying out for a helluva lot more
Should have listened to my father all of those years ago, never meet your heroes head-on… the conclusion all-consuming, it joyfully destroys you
Been meaning to pull yourself away, haven’t you just?
Yet this hostile lifestyle has turned out far too sordid at best
You gently caress the underside of your cigarette box and tend to wax lyrical to only yourself – seems it’s all starting to swarm like bees on all kinds of acid, however much you attempt to lift your panic-stricken head
And they never get to know just how far you’ve managed to fall – this silently screaming disorder only ever willing to let you and yours to devotedly delve – the utter underbelly of pain about to rain embarrassingly down upon
Nonetheless, you bound yourself up – almost as handsome as they come, you’re ageing – and shake it off, your softened mind failing to find the time to meet your Adonis body by the middle
Paraded to all and sundry against your every single broken will
This has been a product of your own imagination, one way or a seriously unsettling other

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