Two men, ten beers, and enough wacky tobaccy to choke the whole damn hotel right out
Eyes doing ninety would’ve indeed been a gift, turns out by the end we could barely breathe
Then, so much as three beer bongs all on the go!
Forever flow
Toe-to-toe, only God ever gets to know just how on earth these things end up
Smiles so goddamn wide they somehow, anyhow, manage to match the far off mountain-side in both width and length for gusto
Dunno, this just one of those things that had to be done
And I do think that you know full well who you are
Nothing may ever quite get to be on this kind of a par, far too disheveled to ever truly care
Cheaper than Lori’s Diner chips red wine slowly but oh so surely sending us all the way blind
Spit-bucket, please?
Unwind, my ass! Why the heck not set the whole godforsaken evening alight…
Then, so much as two top class girls arrive, swarming about in high heels on our Market on 8th corner
Namely Judy Gentree and Rebecca Warner
Just into college having fallen right out of high school
Pooled their money together, dressed to impress, about to drink enough of our invite to send themselves completely wild
All over again
Screw my pen, this far, far better!!
Whet the whole goddamn appetite; jet-setters, up all of the sumptuous night
And just where did we end up come morning time!? With mounds of regret stretched right out upon their unmade beds, albeit our lothario smiles still a mile or so wide
One of us looking on over at the other, cursing a pair of all too trusting mothers
Having placed enough dollars inside of our pockets to send us J-1 insane
They’d have never, ever anticipated this
Tomorrow, my good friend, maybe we quit!?

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