They asked her how to explain it all away, how to matter of fact actually portray, this sense of a mind that cannot find.. its own way home. To some sense of sensible belonging again. She’s been.. longtime longing, for that moment to feel as though it’s been piercing the stretch of her skin. Ever since beauty was so very deep and devoted to ONLY ever her.

But she did not wish to explain (away!!) the utterly inexplicable pAiN because, Safer to Say.. “she must leave bygones be bygones be broken and left alone, allowing for this brand-new, improved and uninterruptible version of a ((far)) better person to wholeheartedly exist”.

This IS IT: everything which she dozen-million times dreamed of being:

The queen of her own ship, stopped and stripped at the seams,
Before We unleash an ocean of EmOtIoN, only it’s about to become her brand new plaything.

Yes, she makes Christopher Columbus look like a fucking amateur for the armour she wears/ discovering new angles of adventure for the mind to travail

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