His emotions tended to take their sweet time.. then SPRINT to that sour point… of uncertainly determination, awhile his head-first eyes calculated(mischievously!) the state of Art happening
Immediately before him:

Wonderful maybe, ALBEIT ultimately-both-undeniABLY

This sensible endeavour, of course(!), of utMOST EXPRESSIONless AND AFOREmentioned artistically ENHANCED cAlCuLatIoNs of a most

.. Magnificent and colossal sort of OVER-E-X-U-B-E-R-A-N-C-E!!
He feels at home anywhere, really- so l—o—n—g as his mind is FiNe, his eyes comfortABLY T-I-R-E-D, and his body

Bargaining(Still..) Upon just an other mouthwatering Masterpiece

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