These people paralysed by their own minds, antagonised and deceptively enticed toward— another borderline bottle of “Just Another Beer”

As a sizeable city seethes and BrEatHes and
Beneath it All: lies a confused and agitated young-man of barely twenty… “how many years was it again?!”

Memories extinguished
As time stood still at the age of barely Eleven and able to think to think straight

In the first place unadjustable and IMPROPER,

as his adolescent Mind manages to fail-to-find —

Any sense of the seen-to-be Sensible again; And all by manner of an ungOdLy… “chemical ImBaLAnCe!!”

As he stares at the faces of these fallen and WANT-AWAY strangers.. and stops to think for a millionth time MIDST A MERE eaGer second AGAIN..

“That WILL be me… if I can’t find my mInD. Fuck! Mind, find me, please. Why ISN’T this easy?!”

Still searching.. sixteen years ABRUPTLY

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