Expressionless and she will fail. to digress at being hidden and seething.
Intrusive at being utterly, utmost abusive.

And an oceanic wave of time. upsets its sellout self again, this insurmountable liquid persuasion, constant jovial curtailment – dizzying midst. a distressing instance of sensuously reckless experience.

The eyes are facing downward toward the glass-ceiling, terrifically reeling. within oneself – a blushing red cheek which endlessly grins. and feels the farther reaches of the whispering, insulting winds.

Expedient to go her own spared way.

Twists itself endlessly, impenetrably midst. endless infringement, complete and undeniably unbelievable sinking retrieval.
She sinks. as she attempts to swim again and for one last next tumultuous time.

Vintage-d red wine. cries out for her next stressed breath … Is this the ecstasy of reckless reality?
She needs to simply find. herself.
Forbidden and real. circumstances – all of it careens.

And finally. to bed to be slighted and slaughtered. within her oblong dreams.
Something in the following morning’s newspapers insists. upon sacrilege resilience … midst insisting upon her scapegoat death.

Back to Elm Street to meet. her maker …