He’s been single-handedly creating all of this seen-to-have-been IMpossible Art. That sense of art that CANnot but self-utilise and self-InTeRpRet

“Respect, please!”
His energetic sense of “SCREAMING”wherewithal, his dAnCiNg, DrEaM-WeAvInG and body-meandering touch of meandering approval—

It is the d-e-f-i-n-i-t-i-v-e definition of… art that carries a limb-shaking heART with it. Art that STANDS itself out from the envy-laden rest.

Tested by TELLING time and HE WILL enter into
A brand-new century..

with his mUsIcAl reputation remaining mindBoGgLiNgLy MaGnIfIEnT, comfortably intact,

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