The hidden scent of a stolen cigarette – rolled-up and smoken til its ending
By way of constant addiction process
The teenage sonsabitches have been sorting themselves from these play=pretend boys – who stand far-fetched and entirely purposeful to the cause
To witness and watch it all make secondary sense
The attractive girls don’t even really mean to be here anymore
Pearl-earrings atop killer-bodies of theirs, another purposeful process wherein the libido speaks thankless dividends of discretion and ease
Lynch has been sitting and thinking til this thing makes some kind of sense and his expectation has been attempting to sit with him til bewildered the pair of them
Utterly promiscuous by way of constant creation – they did say that these Hollywood Hills would one day so soon speak of him
And how they did, bolster his hiding nature right by their colliding and kaleidoscopic eyes
And ten thousand audiences arrive and arise til applauding his ‘Mulholland Drive’ – a masterpiece, a feat
One side holds the words, another holds the definition of life… and all of this blessed comfortably amidst
This simply scintillating visual sedation of his
Welcome to the nocturnal noise, people