Shut closed eye-sockets, irreparable and dotingly dosed expectations infest, invest yet hardly ever infect this merry soul, only the heat of the sumptuous sun which he paints has turned itself translucent back into white again

A distressed foot agitated by the badger, the diving drive — it gains, fetches and stretches his body of shapely weight into the landscape’s bellowing enticement

A selfish swimming brush butterflies itself again against the limiting stiff-necked surface of an empowered and accepting easel which peeps above the pockets of water to wave a hand and offer itself

An echoic piece of fresh air and oceanic ordeal

Tunnel vision turns toward the rapturous swirl pool

A conscientious, frozen-faced breath tip-toes, above and below, as it scampers at the bridge of the bloated nose — neatly… noisily… and to reality, all of it watched over by the hankering middleman who kneels before it all and gently attempts

At long last to bathe in its cascading peace

Will he swim or might it permit itself a soft suffocation — unveils itself within all the unofficial colours in his submerging world

Where the rainbow meets the sea — sings recognisably beneath the heat of the sudden reemerging sun