To a point of utter exclusivity – painstaking professionalism
Officially antagonised and wishing for fond instances of hidden reprieve and intelligible calm and understanding.

To strenuously officiate between these things that she can, and should, both solvently shall have simultaneously achieved.

People, places and extracurricular events which will NEED to be welcomed in again
Eventually. Beneficially
The gentle, mental, workaholic face
Of a reclusive masterpiece called “a standalone specimen”, who appears to be relatively hellbent upon anxiously improving

And herein we have a trapped guitar strap – guided by tired, tried-and-tested hands,
and placed preciously against that of a wavering frame of significant bewilder

With these sinking, well-wishing fingernails of hers,
can she ever really recall all of this riotous rhythm at hand
and care just enough to actively process and playfully proceed
Amid the reckless reality of complete agitation and uncertain determination?

Of a multi-active mind shrilly instilled with unashamed and dishevelled levels of submerged creativity
And about to be painstakingly re-aroused, guided and goaded automatically back toward
Brand new and remarkable understanding?

Perhaps that of a gyrating, dancing, and diving body of clothed bone
A divining rod addressed by the stifled insides of one blistered mind-
Perhaps just about draped in poised permission and displaying enough unsightly promise for now?

And, finally, the arrival of a shy sky at nighttime will begin to earn its required each of every whole wide worth… fired up and propelled limitlessly above
One solitude and natural-born figure
Filled with electrifying hope and equal urge

Bleeding to make these lyrics dance again, amid the tenderly trained repositioning …
The soft and understanding nature of inertia of a brand new hand

Or else, brush strokes by way of piano keys, please – because, either way one sky will cry, collapsing to survive

Can we not see – that the death knell is the artist’s greatest peace yet!?

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