OK, today while out in Courtmacsherry my mate Laura came out with an idea for my poetry – a way of getting it out there, getting more poems done, a different take on things as well as helping a charity along the way. The idea is this in it’s barest essence: Me – Brian (the poet) to thumb around Ireland with a tent on my back, a few quid in my pocket and a pen and notepad while at the end of every day, whatever experiences I have come upon, to pen a poem or maybe more, all depending on said experiences. This way I get to travel across the country and take it all in while also getting to help a charity of my choice. As it is poetry which I want to break it might be best to promote the event because it will obviously help me, help the charity, not to mention make it much easier to get a life. “Ah there’s that crazy fella traveling the length and breadth of Ireland to write poems!” You get the gist. So I was wondering how good an idea this sounds to all of you out there? It’s exciting if nothing else, and will also go about facing my OCD head-on which is always going to be a good thing. Some feedback regards what you all think of the idea would be much appreciated, and you even going as far as to spread the word before I have even properly started organising the thing. Anyway, that’s my lot really, chat soon. Keep reading.