This discombobulating instance had to have meandered and started somewhere so very soon actually; had to have had its own sense of pride-filled injustices going on ALL ALONG. What the effing Hell they have done is nothing if not ALL OF IT UTTERLY accustomed… to this inner-ward WaRrInG oF aBiLitY

To free themselves from their dedicated DeMonS: the time is nigh and near and a crystal clEAR AND nightly thing of inconsequential

Suffering actually: of course(and paused… … cAuSe!) they have been acting advantageous AND THE (absolute) mAgGoT and upon accidental purPOSE. They EVEN seem to want to wish themselves so very alarmingly WELL —

It’s been coming and it’s been biting its own UPPER LIP, to stay in the g-a-m-e

It is ON AND IT IS: so very sentimentally sTrOng NOW(…)
As we sit right here to settle our every single brand-new and illogically upside-down nErVe: we DO have an absolute NEVERENDING nerve

When it comes to singularly surviving: E-V-E-R-Y-T-H-I-N-G(!!!) Everything… eVeRyThInG