I guess it comes with a radiance, an ability to outright wish and will yourself to create something which has to be wrestled til rested inside your head. Encapsulating, in a word. Vigorous portrayal, in another couple of words. Downright insightful and, oftentimes, derogatory art that can, and WILL, manage at insulting certain people. Those people can move along nice and quickly, please. It’s art. All of it, and all of the time. Telly. Cinema. Shops, streets. Thought processes, etc. And people are just the standing, walking, talking ovations which, ofttimes, appear… these rather… … shall we say, befuddled and confused figures dropped smack BANG in the middle of it all. Interesting. To watch them talk and walk and figure it all out. Figure what out though?! Isn’t that job just down to the mathematicians of this world. Really, besides them, no one has any real business divulging themselves with figures. It wasn’t meant to be goddamn figured out. What a waste of headspace