When desperatelydespondent meets otherworldlypronounced meets pitchperfectportrayal and a trio of gatheringgeniuses manage to barter oneasidenoother – to justifiably alarm aside undeniably place… the ‘re-‘ back in reinstigate.

When plagiaristpros suddenly create secondtononeotherofficialdom and start to wanderandwalk with their tethered heartstrings putuponfire.

Plus the added addition of the nourishmentsoul which shall start to soothandmake secondaryselloutsenseagain – to justifiably take the harshesthardestparts (of each stricken individual) and to place them neatlybacktogether.

As though, perhaps, it matteredthemost…
Soon as Noone was looking. Wasting their lives in blackandwhite beneath the surface



undercurrent – there by thegraceofGod-s subtle motherfucking understanding