Were we really caught in a wind trap – were we really meaning for it to be so very sincerely disconcerting?

Recall it all, a time, a place wherein, when things, events made singular sense of themselves and it all seems to start all of the time by the rhythm of the rhyme of the tick-tocking alarm clock

Early a.m., now please do feel free to take these jaded words in your hand and guide them and to lead your favourite finger trail right by the quantifiable bleed

Up all of the charming night, eyes both of them simultaneously bargaining at and behemothly against

The mighty shine, the shimmer, the inescapable shape of the ‘summer skyline’

Mighty fine breath pushed beautifully beneath this case in point of borderline personality disorder…

Disenfranchised chaos and it bequeaths her to say it with an affable suggestion which still sings for its worth… stings like it means it the most

Near the screaming, scheming, scamming, scramming edges of her high-wired brain

Mysteriously mixed up and she begins to feel exceptionally real yet again

Remember so soon as when she did standalone high-fives and disenfranchised handstands in her sound-awake sleep?

Keeps her favourite best memories alive, her judgemental episodes secretively for themselves, under the sweet, sweet guise of the rapid-eye rewind…

Whip-around till tearing her insides right out – only ever metaphorical only ever of course

Oh my, only she appears to have been a genius without even nearly needing to speak

Soon as she stood herself up to the cause and captured a fresh brand new breath of fresh and stinging air – way out there and right the way back to imperfectly belonging again, to all of us, each a piece of the other better person’s being