Born this way both that//utterly matter-of-fact//gently attempts to reconcile everything midst direly begotten nothingness again
So soon as when//she took her most unexceptional situation and breathed brand new life fuller-on-thru’
These three irreparable kids//so it seems to be//specifically inundated amidst complete atrophy of body both brain
And mixed repetitively with-in//this undeniable ‘inner-streets’ hardship of dutifully catastrophic theirs//ill-equipped aside completely uncatered for only he is about to riotously both righteously risE Like//the titan that he consistently is
Beat against the whispering flicker of the gathering Flame//both bestially begotten and altogether fair first-hand mannerly with the festering weight of the swollen, sworn-in words of these upper-class people//and all at once, only inevitably then//this harmonious, make-believe, 3rd-class citizen
And so suddenly there absolutely – educationally appears to be//two sides to every single-second-next-lopsided transcendental coin//for surely//we do indeed immediately appear to fearsomely feed by his mighty words
Right this insisting minute//wrought-iron aside terrifically both fanatically fragmented//ultimately inundated
Whilst he has somehow, Christ knew how ON EARTH it is that he miraculously managed//to meticulously form from here-on-in til livid, breathing eternity//what shall forever m-e-a-n-d-e-r and mean
To make Ridiculous kinds of second-hand sense again = A spontaneously combusting gaining in existential existence
Where-in//A writer’s childlike mind will ceaselessly remain . .. … …. ….. Only born with the weight both the words of a wrought-iron warrior

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