They’ve opened up their lives to this sense of sensical and delicately TwIsteD AND embedded bliss. Have even managed at managing to manage to

Bring this wonderfully delicious cHaoS to.. a mesmerising STANDSTILL. One pill, three words: and the message will remain the same

Saneness AND sanity at a pace of prioritised aforeMENTIONED BLISS, she has got this. Had to have all a while her upside down smile

Reimbursed itself with a thousand times the utter and ultimate acknowledgment. She’s been sent deceptively round the BeNd and it has BEEN

Nothing, if not UTTERLY nonconformist, actually. She speaks with searing and searching syllables heated to the core of her HIGHLY restorative being…

Takes the second pill and re—-ACHES to react
To watch it ALL come back to her once-upon-a-bothered-bRaIn. Yes, the storyline IS precisely THE SAME…. sane… thing.

However, she has simultaneously and Singlehandedly meaSUREd her mind to

Treasure it all now. Watch out, for she is about to go.. global