They don’t seem to appear to wisely wish to want to have it all together AT ALL anymore, actually; they’ve even been taken to inordinate task: having ASKED for the correct kinds of INFORMATION-overloaded people

To developmentally arise – their very own personal state of astonishment actually; what the hell-over-HIGH-water might have ever EVEN happened to them —-

Is, quite frankly.. this frank AND Honest-to-Greatness experience of laugh-a-minute… sadness-at-hand and evidential appearance of tearSTREWN anxiousness of altered eyeLINE…

Breaking the unSIGHTLY divide WILL take

Most of all— ten persuasions of LATTER-DAY people to finALLy f-e-e-l as if…

JUST ONE and of NO-other(!!) But for Her— for she SURELY does indeed STAND dutiFULLY head and shoulders above.

Cut. She. Just… MUST: remain bleary-eyed and crystal-clear
As to her favourite vision.