You wear it all oh so wonderfully
And the boys say so very much
One minute you’re in, the next you’re so far out of goddamn touch
Me all over, this cold shoulder of yours does nothing but stir us on up
Can you not see we were meant to be
Bad blood ain’t no real requisite, stick with me and I promise you will get to see
All of these things that you told me you dreamed about
When a week was nothing but sunshine glorious – pouring on through the both of us
Do not leave me on the shelf and make an almighty mistake
I smoke far too many cigarettes, hold my regret beneath my blue blazer
Can you not see that I am razor sharp and ready to go
This flow is just begging itself to pour on out of me
Don’t mistake us for strangers ever again
I know you feel the same
I fall by the wayside and, trust me, you will start to feel it oh so agonisingly
Cannot drag these coattails around by my side anymore
If not at first then a little on down the road
Your simple Manhattan smile makes me wanna explode

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